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War Horse for Veteran Program offers a peer-led approach for first responders and veterans to  promote self awareness, leadership, communication skills, and tactical longevity through horsemanship.

War Horses is a one of a kind facility that is led by retired military veterans and first responders.

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Providers participating in the SAMSHA grant are providing free behavioral health services for healthcare professionals who have been impacted by COVID-19:

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  • Anthony Bass

  • Yvonne Byrd

  • Joni (Perry) Bennett

  • Nate Brack

  • Emily Crawford-Thompson

  • Julia Dooley

  • Ken McManus, Jr.

  • Penny Monetti

  • Holly Nemec

  • Ceil Renaud

  • Tara Stevens

  • Laird "Chap" Thompson

  • Rashonda Thornton

  • Kimberly Vest

  • Valerie Hooper


First Responder Treatment Providers

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The First Responder Provider Network is a list of trained behavioral health professionals who specialize in helping dedicated first responders who are struggling with issues related to trauma and post-traumatic stress symptoms.  Many of them already work with and are trusted by other first responders and understand the culture. This is considered a self-referral source.