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Jennifer Reid, LPC, RD, LD

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Blue Springs

Calm Day Counseling



Corporate Centre, 1200 Northwest South Outer Road, Blue Springs, MO, USA

Jennifer Reid is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Registered Dietitian (RD) who hold’s offices in Warrensburg and Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Jennifer began her career working at a shelter for those who were experiencing domestic violence as well as addiction. This is where she learned early on the effects of childhood trauma, relationship trauma, and how compartmentalization can become the go-to tool for those living and/or working in extreme stress conditions. When moving into private practice she chose to specialize in services for first responders, veterans, and active duty military and their families, whom she noted experienced many of the same things people living in domestic violence circumstances experience. Jennifer has some first-hand knowledge of the sacrifice necessary to living a life of service having been married to a LEO and a daughter who retired after 24 years of military service. Jennifer has several theories she pulls from such as CBT, DBT, IFS and is also a certified EMDR therapist. She understands that talking can be very therapeutic, but sometimes a client is struggling to talk about what is bothering them, which is where EMDR can be very beneficial. Those who work in the high stress worlds mentioned above have often put things away, compartmentalized their feelings to do their jobs, and it can be very stressful to open those doors and take a look at what has been closeted, but is also keeping them awake at night. She is honored when she can build the trust necessary for someone to feel comfortable enough to share the contents of their closets with her. Jennifer is in-network with United Healthcare and several of their subsidiaries, AETNA, Tricare-west, and with the Veteran’s Administration. She also will provide a superbill for the client to bill for services with an outside provider.

Insurance Type

Aetna, United Healthcare, Tricare-West, and Veterans Administration



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Services Offered 

After Hour Appointments, Private Entrance, Services to Adults, Services to Families, and EMDR

She can provide a superbill upon request.

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