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MO CIT Council Documents:

1. MO CIT Map of Local CIT Councils

  • "Home" tab and then "About" on the Website

2. MO CIT Map with Working Committee Contacts

3. Definition of an established MO CIT Council* (More than just training)
4. MO CIT Council Contact Form

5. MO CIT Council Meeting Dates

6. MO CIT Local Council Member Recommendations
7. Sample Meeting Agendas

8. MO CIT Council By-laws

9. Sample Mission Statements


MO CIT Training Documents:
10. MO CIT Training's Offered Across the State

  • go to "Training" Tab on the website 

11. MO CIT Curriculum*

12. Sample CIT Training Schedules

13. MO CIT Pre and Post Test​ (for distribution to trainees)​

14. MO CIT Course and Instructor Evaluation Form*

15. NAMI Missouri Resources |

  • They are also all on the NAMI website at (Scroll down to the section that says "In Our Own Voice Downloadable Forms - for participants only")

    • Reimbursement Request Form

    • In Our Own Voice Speaker Fee Request Form

    • In Our Own Voice Presenter Report Form

    • In Our Own Voice Audience Evaluation


MO CIT PowerPoint Presentations

All councils have been provided a secure web based file for safekeeping of all local council files i.e. presentations, meeting minutes, etc.  ShareFile   It is highly recommended that each council use ShareFile for permanent storage of local council documents.  Access has been given to each community mental health liaison (CBHL). CBHLs can request additional logins by contacting Kimberly Hicks.

16. MO P.O.S.T./CLEE Requirements/Documentation*

17. MO CIT Sample Scenarios for Role Plays

18. MO CIT Role Play Evaluation Form
19. 2021 MO CIT Training Participant Reporting Spreadsheet*

      2022 MO CIT Training Participant Reporting Spreadsheet*

20. MO CIT Online Registration Instructions
21. Sample Resource Lists

CIT Reports and Data Analysis:
22. Sample CIT Reports

23. Sample CIT Quarterly Report (coming soon)
24. Sample CIT Annual Report

MO CIT Marketing:

25. What is CIT Tri-Fold 

26. MO CIT Council Support
27. MO CIT Council One Pager

28. Sample CIT Training Flyer

29. Sample Press Releases

MO CIT Conference:
30. Save the Date

Sample Banquet Information:

31. Sample Donation Solicitation Letter

32. Sample Sponsor Solicitation Letter
33. Sample Nomination Letter

34. Sample Banquet Flyers

35. Sample Program

36. Sample CIT Award Certificate

Miscellaneous Items:
37. MO CIT Mini Grant Guidelines

38. Sample CIT Mini Grant Invoice
39. Memorandum of Understanding
40. Sample CIT Policy and Procedures/SOP
41. Common Vocabulary
42. List of Acronyms

43. Sample Local Council Meeting Sign in Sheet / Confidentiality Acknowledgement Review

44. Sample Community Resource Guide (Three Rivers)

45. myStrength login - please contact for the Sign Up Instructions   

CIT International Documents:
46. MHFA-CIT White Paper

47. CIT International Website | 

48. The Importance of First Person Language

CIT Council Expansion Site Meeting Packet: 

49. MO CIT Council Expansion Mtg. Checklist

50. Definition of an established MO CIT Council* (#3)

51. MO CBHL Map with Contacts 

52. MO CIT Council Meeting Dates (#5)

53. What is CIT Flyer (#25)

54. MO CIT One Pager (#27)

55. MO CIT Curriculum* (#11)

56. MO CIT Trainings Offered Across the State

  • go to “Training” Tab on the website

57. MO CIT Toolkit access:

58. MO CIT Council Contact Form (#4)

59. MO CIT Mini Grant Application Process (#37)


60. MO CIT Working Committee Contacts

61. MO CBHL Map with Contacts

62. What is CIT Flyer (#25)

63. MO CIT One Pager (#27)

64. Definition of an Established Council* (#3)

65. MO CIT Council Meeting Dates (#5)

66. MO CIT Toolkit access:

67. Sample “expansion” letter

68. Sample “established” letter



* All Missouri CIT Councils are required to use the items with an * (without any changes.)
All other documents can be modified to fit the needs of the local area.


Revised 7/27/2021

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