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First Responder Spotlight

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Officer Jordan Wilmes
O'Fallon Police Department

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In early Spring of 2021, officers from the O'Fallon Police Department responded to a suicidal male with a gun, located inside a residence.  Upon arriving at the scene, while officers were formulating a plan, they heard a gunshot come from inside the residence.  Officers were able to safely evacuate everyone inside the residence and ensure the individual was the only one inside the residence, located in a basement bedroom.  As officers took up positions both outside and in the basement hallway, Officer Jordan Wilmes, utilizing a ballistic shield, made direct verbal contact with the individual.  The individual was still in a state of crisis and armed with a handgun, pointed towards his head.

After approximately 30 minutes, Officer Wilmes, was able to establish rapport with the individual and de-escalate the situation, utilizing techniques he was taught in CIT training.  Officer Wilmes eventually got the individual to compliant surrender without further incident and transported to an appropriate mental health facility for the help he desperately needed.  This is one example of the selfless dedication Officer Wilmes displays as he often volunteers for CIT related calls to help those individuals in crisis.  #mocit



The Missouri Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Council is a network of representatives from each established local council across the state, Community Behavioral Health Liaisons (CBHLs), state agencies and associations, and those with lived experience. The Council works to address any structural barriers at the state level and advocates for policy and legislative changes that may be necessary to support health and wellness. The Council also provides direction and support on the CIT curriculum, training expansion, and implementation of the program.


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Jason Klaus, Detective 

Missouri CIT State Coordinator



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Honoring LEO's Lost to Suicide 



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