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Teurika Humphrey 
Kansas City Police Department


PO Humphrey is currently assigned to the CIT Unit within the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.  PO Humphrey has been a dedicated member of the KCPD CIT program for many years.  She assists in facilitating and instructing during MACIT’s Basic CIT course.  PO Humphrey participates in the officer panel during the basic course and shares her experiences and is willing to answer any questions.  Over the past year, PO Humphrey has completed 128 Mental Health CIT reports.

The following incident is just one example of many that Officer Humphrey has been involved in over the past year.  In September of 2021, officers responded to a residence in regard to an individual living with bi-polar and schizophrenia.  The man was believed to be under the influence of methamphetamines and phencyclidine (PCP). The individual was pouring gasoline on and around himself. Officer Humphrey was called, to assist with the de-escalation of the subject. Officer Humphrey began the challenge of de-escalating a person having a psychotic episode and being under the influence of substances. A tactical operation was being arranged. Negotiators and tactical officers were deploying. Officer Humphrey continued to de-escalate the man. During the de-escalation process, the person was very confrontational towards Officer Humphrey. He was threatening her and the officers on the scene. He was vulgar and vitriolic towards Officer Humphrey. She remained steadfast, and being professional during the incident. Just as tactical officers arrived, the man complied with Officer Humphrey and was taken into custody. Officer Humphrey coordinated with the family ensuring they had a full understanding of that would be taking place with their loved one. She responded to the hospital, provided the documentation to the medical staff. She then followed up with the community mental health center to ensure services were available and in place for the person.  PO Humphrey followed up with the family the following week with to provide other resources that were available to the family.

Along with these astonishing actions, Officer Humphrey’s overall passion to help others shines through her work with the CIT.  #mocit

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First Responder Wellness Series #2
First Responder Wellness Series #2

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First Responder Wellness Series #2
First Responder Wellness Series #2

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The Missouri Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Council is a network of representatives from each established local council across the state, Community Behavioral Health Liaisons (CBHLs), state agencies and associations, and those with lived experience. The Council works to address any structural barriers at the state level and advocates for policy and legislative changes that may be necessary to support health and wellness. The Council also provides direction and support on the CIT curriculum, training expansion, and implementation of the program.


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