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Jenna Wood, MS, LPC

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Springfield, MO

Empowered Healing, LLC



1736 East Sunshine Street suite 811, Springfield, MO, USA

Jenna Wood is a therapist (LPC) based in Springfield, MO, offering in-office and telehealth therapy for first responders and their families. She believes strongly in helping the helpers who do so much for our community every day. Most of Jenna’s clients are teens and adults that are high-functioning, very capable individuals who are experiencing a tough season of life, possibly due to increased anxiety, depressive symptoms, grief/loss, burnout, substance use, codependency, relationship problems, and/or post-traumatic stress. Life can be so hard, and trying to be the strong one, the one that has it all together, can be exhausting. If you’re used to powering through, trying to hold it all together, now is the time to reach out for support.
Not your average therapist, Jenna is an Army veteran, having served overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-07. Since then, she has worked as a mental health caseworker and therapist with experience ranging from working with young children and teens to adults with severe mental illness and substance use disorders. Her personal experience growing up the daughter of a military and law enforcement family, the wife of a soldier, to her own experiences in the military have given her a unique perspective in understanding the various aspects and dynamics military/first responder communities face that not all professionals may understand.
Jenna uses talk therapy to help clients identify and challenge their negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may keep them in unhelpful patterns. She also works with each client to identify any somatic manifestations of stress held within the body that might be showing up as chronic pain, headaches, neck aches, etc. Jenna is known to be warm, genuine, and truly caring of her clients. She not only listens to you but partners with you to find practical tools to help you find relief, healing, and growth.
Jenna does not currently accept insurance at this time. However, she does offer discounted services to military/first responders and their immediate family members and can provide a superbill upon request. You can contact Jenna at (417) 582-3097 or to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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I am not currently accepting insurance.



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Services Offered 

Offers in-person sessions in Springfield and telehealth throughout the state. Self-pay only but offer a 20% discount for all veterans and first responders. I also see teenagers if there’s a young family member in need.

My specialty areas are relational trauma such as toxic relationships within family or romantic relationships, boundaries, and anxiety.

Discounted services to military/first responders and their immediate family members.

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