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Barbara Edelman, LCSW/MSW

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St. Louis

Edelman Counseling Services



9051 Watson Road #316, St. Louis, MO 63126, USA

After practicing psychotherapy for ten years, I stumbled upon EMDR in 2007 and was trained. A lightbulb went off for me. Finally, I was able to help clients stuck in dysfunctional behavior and emotional patterns that I had not been able to help in the way that I had been practicing until then. Since that time, EMDR has guided the way I practice. I view each of my clients through the trauma lens and plan the treatment with that in mind. I continue to be amazed by the results in my office and the applications in the field of trauma and mental health. I am also an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and have a strong interest in working with first responders.

Insurance Type

Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare



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Services Offered 

Telehealth only (not currently accepting new clients)

Certified EMDR Consultant. Her practice is a trauma specialty practice. Has been working with LEOs for years from SLPD.

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