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Region 7 | CEN

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Established 2017 | 2018

Council Officer Listing

*Counties Represented: Callaway 


Council Chair:

Crystal Kent


Council Co-Chair:


Training Committee Chair:

Crystal Kent

Liaison Contact(s): 

Kacee Cagle | Shelonda Hamilton

CIT Meetings/Activities Schedules


Council Meeting 

Monthly | Callaway County Sheriff's Office | Fourth Thursday of the Month at 10 a.m.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Callaway County CIT Council is to deliver positive law enforcement crisis intervention services to people with behavioral health issues in the county.  To achieve this goal, cooperative community partnerships of law enforcement, mental health service professionals, individuals in a behavioral health crisis, families, and advocates come together by coordinating and enhancing services to people with behavioral health conditions and/or substance abuse problems through a law enforcement led Crisis Intervention Council.

Council Law Enforcement Agency Members by Jurisdiction Name

Callaway County Sheriff's Office

Holts Summit PD

Council Community Partners Agencies by Agency Name

Arthur Center Community Health
Callaway County Children's Division
Callaway County Special Services
Callaway County Circuit Clerk's office
Callaway County Ambulance district
Card V
Comprehensive Health
Fink Supported Living
Fulton medical center
New Vision
Our House
Probation and Parole
SSM Health  
Westminster College
William Woods University

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