Nate Brack, MA, LPC, CRADC

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140 Prospect Avenue, Suite S, Kirkwood, MO 63122

Nate is a graduate of the University of Colorado with specialized training in traumatic stress and addiction. As a therapist I believe that symptoms resulting from stressful life experiences can be treated using validated scientific interventions. Addiction can often accompany traumatic stress. In an effort to cope, individuals frequently find themselves trapped by the comforting yet costly effects of addictive behaviors.
I am trained in EMDR therapy, a top tier treatment for traumatic stress. EMDR taps into the brain’s natural ability to heal itself by unburdening troublesome memories. I also utilize ACT and IFS approaches to cultivate self compassion, overcome shame, confront fear, and facilitate present focused decision making.
In today's fast paced and hectic world anyone can become overwhelmed by the toxic nature of stress. Yet the courageous decision to seek healing can be the first step in a new direction. I am currently accepting new clients and would welcome you to contact me to see if I might be a good fit with your goals.

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MS Clinical Psych graduate with Trauma Psych Specilization. EMDR Trained and under supervision.

After hours appointments; Services to adults. EMAIL: