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Justin Wiseman, Psychologist, PsyD

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Vitality Psychological Services



401 Locust Street suite 304, Columbia, MO 65201, USA

Dr. Wiseman is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Missouri and received his doctorate (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology from Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology in 2018. Throughout his training and early career, Dr. Wiseman has provided treatment services to adolescents and adults in several settings, including college counseling centers, community mental health centers, inpatient hospitals, and state/federal penitentiaries.
Dr. Wiseman has firsthand personal and professional experience with first responder populations. He currently works as a Drug Abuse Program Coordinator at the United States Federal Penitentiary Leavenworth in Leavenworth, Kansas. On a daily basis, he works alongside correctional officers (many of which have police and military experience), and is expected to carry out the duties of a law enforcement officer on top of his role as a Psychologist. Additionally, his father has served as a fire fighter for the city of St. Louis for the past 25 years. Through his personal and professional experiences, he has been exposed to and has familiarized himself with the first responder culture. At his previous and current work environments he is often times tasked with providing crisis intervention services to staff in need, to include those impacted by post-traumatic stress. He understands the impact these professions can have on an individual's mental well-being and willingness to seek help, particularly during periods of crisis and uncertainty. He can personally relate to the impact the aforementioned professions have on the individual and those close to them.
After hours, Dr. Wiseman provides individual therapy services (primarily via telehealth) for a variety of mental health concerns with Vitality Psychological Services (based in Columbia, MO). Many individuals he works closely with experience unwanted psychological symptoms as a result of having an underlying trauma history related to sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse. He also has had experience working with individuals whom have experienced neglect, human trafficking, and those involved in combat.

Dr. Wiseman’s other clinical interests include, but are not limited to, treating depression, anxiety, grief and loss, substance use, interpersonal/relational issues, stress reduction, life transitions, problematic sexual behavior, and self-esteem issues. When working with these clinical concerns he utilizes a client-centered approach, with a priority of developing a strong working relationship with his clients. He views each of his clients as being unique and as having their own journey to healing. He believes it to be imperative to create a safe and welcoming environment and his approach to treatment emphasizes openness, authenticity, understanding, empathy, and collaboration. He is passionate on both helping his clients live more meaningful lives while aiding them in gaining a sense of personal success and empowerment.

Dr. Wiseman is trained in several different therapeutic modalities and employs a number of evidence-based interventions based on his client’s needs and to help them progress toward their goals. Dr. Wiseman has formalized training, competency, and experience in the following treatment modalities: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT); Trauma Focused CBT; Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT); Trauma Focused DBT; Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET); Integrated Treatment for Complex Trauma (ITCT); and Seeking Safety.

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