David Duncan, MA, LPC; Counseling Psch

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10560 County Road 8090
Rolla, MO 65401

David has spent the last 30 years studying the intersection between psychotherapy and Christian spirituality. He has a masters in counseling psychology. He is licensed as a professional counselor in Missouri. In the mental health field since 1975, he has held administrative, clinical and teaching positions. He retired in 2018 from Compass Healthcare where he had worked for over 20 years in positions including regional vice president and community mental health liaison. He is a professional counselor with a small private practice in Rolla. He serves as an adjunct full professor in counseling at Webster University in Rolla. David is a contract trainer with the US Army MP School and a mental health consultant for Team Expansion, a missions organization sending workers primarily into areas in which there is no Christian presence.

David’s passion over the past fifteen years has been assisting trauma survivors to find their way to peace and freedom from fear, anxiety and the memories of psychological trauma.

His favorite pastimes include bicycling, hiking and camping with wife Tippy. He occasionally walks a stream with a fly rod and a few flies, and being both Christian and a fisherman, is challenged to maintain honesty in the stories that ripple forth from the streams.

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CBT, Prolonged Exposure, Telehealth

After Hours; Service to Families; Service to Children; Service to Adults; Private Entrance

Former CMHL; EAP Provider; Experience working with L.E.