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First Responder Provider Application

As part of our strategic plan, the Missouri Crisis Intervention Team (MO CIT) Council is seeking to build a provider database of mental health professionals that are qualified and willing to serve the specialized population of First Responders (Law Enforcement, Fire, Dispatch and EMS staff). We are writing at this time because we need referrals of professionals who would like to be included on this list.

Research shows that among all professions First Responders are often less likely to reach out for help and unfortunately more likely to end their lives by suicide. First responders are under a tremendous amount of pressure and face unique personal and familial challenges that require the attention of a mental health professional who has an understanding of their professional culture.

We ask that you review the attached application and distribute it to anyone who is willing to serve First Responders and/or their families. These applications will be reviewed by the Missouri Crisis Intervention Team (MO CIT) Council. Self-Care subcommittee, composed of law enforcement and mental health professionals. After committee approval, the applicant will be notified by email of their addition to the provider database. This database will then be accessible to all first responders via the Missouri CIT webpage or by contacting the Missouri Crisis Intervention Team (MO CIT) Council.

As part of keeping up our clinical skills and ethical responsibility to the people we serve, the Missouri CIT Council will request that in order to continue to be part of this database the mental health professional attests annually that they have conducted a ride along with a First Responder and/or completed some training in First Responder Culture/Treatment.
The MO CIT Council strives to have qualified mental health professionals in every area of the state who can serve those who faithfully serve our own families and communities every day.

Questions about our professional database or qualifications for applicants can be directed to Dawn Morris, or Sheriff Jason Klaus,


First Responder Provider (FRP) Application

ONLINE First Responder Provider (FRP) Application

Letter for Professionals Agencies

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