Missouri Department of Corrections CIT Program

The Missouri Department of Corrections won the Governor's Award for Innovation. 
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Utilizing Crisis Intervention Teams in Prison to Improve Officer Knowledge, Stigmatizing Attitudes, and Perception
of Response Options. 
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Crisis Intervention Teams: A Frontline
Response to Mental Illness in Corrections


As community mental health resources shrink and mentally ill inmates increase, America’s jails and prisons are becoming the nation’s de facto mental institutions. The impact on resources is dramatic, but the human toll is staggering: Offenders with mental illness have higher rates of suicide, serve longer sentences and receive more restrictive housing time on average, and experience more physical and sexual victimization than their peers. Using community CIT as a foundation, corrections-based CIT tailors the Memphis Model to the unique service-delivery, personnel, and security needs of correctional settings.

CIT in Jails and Prisons


CIT has been successfully adapted to correctional settings with full fidelity to existing goals and core elements of community-based CIT. Correctional enhancements include:

  • Supporting inmate mental health through emphasizing jail and prison service delivery as an important link in continuity of care, including a focus on reentry services and discharge planning upon release.

  • Focusing on improving mental health outcomes and institutional adjustment for mentally ill offenders during incarceration.

  • Maintaining staff and offender safety and institutional security through reduced uses of force and other physical interventions.

  • Classroom modules and role-play scenarios specific to jails and prisons.


Missouri Department of Corrections CIT Program

National Institute of Corrections (NIC, U.S. Dept. of Justice) developed a model training, evaluation, and support effort to help implement corrections-based CIT programs in jurisdictions across the country. MODOC was one of five teams from state and local jurisdictions completing this initial training in January 2013. The department then began developing its own CIT program, writing policy and curriculum, and recruiting external team members.

NIC then facilitated a 40-hour pilot training with MODOC Training Academy in August 2015. Based on this pilot, the department finalized its curriculum, steering and development committees, and plans for statewide rollout. The first department-led training was completed in April 2016, with twice-yearly 40-hour training sessions at each of the department’s three regional training centers beginning in fall 2016. When fully in place, approximately 150-200 officers will be CIT certified annually.



Central Region | 1717 Industrial Drive Jefferson City, MO 65109

January 18-22, April 26-30, July 19-23, October 4-8, 2021

Eastern Region | 901 Progress Dr. #101 Farmington, MO 63640 

February 22-26, May 17-21, August 2-6, November 8-12, 2021

Western Region | 902 Edmond St. #300 St. Joseph, MO 64501

March 8-12, June 21-25, August 30-September 3, December 6-10, 2021

For Additional Information or to sign up for a training contact: Coordinator Stephanie Tandarich | Stephanie.Tandarich@doc.mo.gov